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Battle Axe SSC KIT Bulk 2 Pack
Battle Axe SSC KIT Bulk 2 Pack
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Combat Cut!

This is the ultimate plane for club combat and sanctioned contests alike due to its quick build time, pleasing flight characteristics, intense maneuverability, and extreme durability. The Battle Axe SSC is a competition RC Combat (Combat FAQ) model legal for AMA event 760 "SSC" combat. The Battle Axe flies as easily as a sport-type aircraft but is capable of winning any SSC-class combat meet. This 2-pack includes all parts to build two complete airframes packaged in one box.

The Axe is designed using innovating materials and techniques to be very easy to build and extremely durable.
The venerable Battle Axe is built around an extruded aluminum fuselage consisting of dual rails for high strength and quick build. The engine, aluminum servo mounts, Wing Saddle, and tail pieces bolt directly to the dual rails with included socket-head hardware.

The wing's proprietary airfoil is CNC computer-cut and gives extreme maneuverability while retaining the stable flight characteristics of a typical sport plane. Wing construction consists of foam cores which are reinforced with spars and a hard leading edge, and then covered in self-adhesive Bi-Directional fiberglass tape which gives the Battle Axe its trademark strength and rapid build time.

The Battle Axe SSC is built around the OS LA .15 and will accommodate any .15 class engine of similar mounting dimensions (Magnum .15, ect). The preferred fuel system is a standard clunk tank, which means there are no messy fuel-bladders to deal with. A fuel bladder can be used, if desired.

The Battle Axe SSC uses a standard 3+ channel radio system. No special channel-mixing or expensive radio gear is required. The high-strength laser-cut wing saddle has room for a standard size 7-ch receiver. For lighter weight at official contests, we use mini receivers.  Also consider the Assan X8 Spread Spectrum system, which lets you convert most existing transmitters into a 2.4 system at a fraction of the cost.

The flight pack can be a 4 cell "AAA" square 800 mAh NiMh battery pack, 350 mAh NiCad battery pack, or equivalent. The Battle Axe's aluminum servo mounts will accommodate either full-size standard or micro metal gear servos. Standard S3004 or equivalent servos will work, although we recommend Hitec HS-82MG or equivalent servos for long-term durability in combat.

Anyone can assemble the Battle Axe, regardless of previous building experience. It was entirely designed with first-time builders in mind.

First-time builders will build the kit in four evenings. Experienced builders using our 4" wide bi-directional tape will build a kit in 2-3 evenings. The detailed instructions guide each step and include many large photos. To view a summary of the build process online, see this excellent build-along article written by Lou Melancon. When the Battle Axe is set up correctly, it will easily hand-launch, turn and loop like a bumblebee, and then glide gently home. Flight time for informal "club combat" with a 4oz. tank is about 10-12 minutes.

The Battle Axe is also available as a Bulk 3 Pack which reduces the total cost of shipping multiple kits.

If you're ready to have more fun with radio control than ever before, get your hands on a Battle Axe today, and join the squadron, Lieutenant!


"I had my first club combat last Thursday and had (2) cuts. The plane flies like a dream!! I can't wait to build the other two. Like you said.... 'What an adrenalin rush'. I am definitely hooked."

Jay - Eldridge, IA

 Jay D

Each Kit Includes:
  • Precision drilled aluminum fuse rails
  • Fin
  • Stab
  • CNC cut foam wing cores
  • Ailerons
  • Spars
  • Leading edges
  • Coroplast wing center section
  • Trailing edge stiffeners
  • Laser-cut interlocking Wing Saddle kit
  • Laser-cut aluminum servo mounts
  • Hardware assembly items
  • Photo-rich Instruction booklet
  • Pro Quality Vinyl Lettering





WTRCF Combat  Orange Battle Axe

4-Cut Round!  Battle Axe Launching


Engine, radio, fuel tank, control horns, pushrods, and fiberglass tape are required for completion.

- Engines, Tanks, Control Items, and engine accessories

- Servos, Switch Harnesses, and radio accessories

- Wing-Reinforcement and Colored Covering Tape, tools and accessories

The Battle Axe SSC is proudly designed and built in the USA.

       US Flag

Battle Axe SSC Specs:
  • Wingspan:    60"
  • Length:        28.5"
  • Weight:        40-44 oz.
  • Engine:        .15 2-stroke
  • Fuel Tank:   4oz.
  • Radio:         3 channel / 3 servos
  • Speed:        50-55 mph
  • Build Time:  4-6 hrs.
  • Flight Time: 10-12 minutes per tank
Dogfight!  Boxed Kits

Combat Cut 

"CNC"-cut Wing Cores for Ultimate Accuracy   CNC Cut Wing Root  CNC Cut Wing Core

TreneffRC wing Cores are "Computer Numeric Cut", providing high accuracy for ultra-precise, super-smooth cores. Our proprietary airfoil is completely computer cut to be repeated the same every time, and the cores are pre-trimmed and ready to install the spars, getting you that much closer to in the air.

Excellent packaging to protect every item   3-Pack Kit Packed  3-Pack Kit Packed

Every Kit is packaged in specially designed, CNC-cut foam packaging to keep each piece in its place during shipping, ensuring that the Kit gets to you just as it left the factory. (Battle Axe SSC Bulk 3-Pack shown to right.)


Over 1,000 color combinations to chose from!

You pick the colors of the vertical fin, horizontal stabilizer, wing center, and wing decal to match your color scheme! And with eight optional wing covering tape colors to chose from, your bird can be as distinctive as your flying style!

Click here to view options colors.

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