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ASSAN  X8  2.4 GHz  Spread Spectrum Assan X8 Spread Spectrum
Finally 2.4 GHz reliability at a price we can all afford.  It just makes sense.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Your Sanity.
Now there's no more sharing radio frequency pins or waiting while someone else is flying on your frequency!

The ASSAN X8 system lets you update your 72 MHz radio with transmit module to Spread Spectrum in 60-Seconds and at just a fraction of the cost of buying an entirely new system!  Now you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of 2.4 GHz and won't have to spend countless hours reprogramming your planes in a new transmitter!
How does the Assan System work?
The Assan 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum system attempts to avoid interference by employing a technology called Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).  The Assan transmitter module uses a wide range of frequencies to send signals to the model's receiver, as opposed to the narrow band of frequencies used by 72 MHz systems.  What does this mean to me?  By spreading the signal over a wide range of frequencies, an interfering frequency (or a number of interfering frequencies) will only block part of the signal going to the model.  Unless the frequencies are nearly completely blocked, some of the signal will get through to the receiver.

In addition, if other DSS transmitters are operating on the same channel, they are also unlikely to interfere because they will jumping around the frequencies at different rates and sequences.

With a full line of mini full-range and micro park-flyer receivers, you can fly every plane you've got with your Assan system with confidence and assurance.
How do I convert to the Assan System?
Simply remove the 72 MHz module from your existing radio transmitter and snap in the new ASSAN module.  Screw on the antenna and you are now broadcasting in 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum!  Follow the quick binding procedure to link each Assan receiver to the transmit module, and you are ready to fly!  No need to change any settings or reprogram all your planes in a new transmitter!

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Remove 72 MHz module to install Assan module. Assan module inserted into transmitter. Assan module and antenna installed in transmitter.
Compatible transmitters include:

FUTABA:  3PM,3PK, 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C, 9Z, FN series.
JR:           347, 388, 783, U8, PCM10, PCM10S, PCM10SX, PCM10IIs, 8103, 9303 
HITEC:     Optic 6, Eclipse 7.
WFLY:     WFT09

With the X8-D Hack Module you can also convert almost any PPM transmitter that does not have a removable 72 MHz module.
How many planes can I fly with the Assan X8 system?
With the Assan X8 system there is no limit to the number of receivers (planes) that you can bind to one transmit module.  You can add as many planes as your transmitter is capable of!
And this 2.4 GHz system is affordable?
Yes!  The Assan X8 CF-I Combo (Futaba/Hitec) or CJ-I Combo (JR) each include the transmitter module PLUS 2 Full Range Receivers, all for under $100!  You can add additional full range receivers such as the 7-Channel X8R7 for under $30 each!  Compare this to as much as $99 pequivalent receiver with some other systems.  Why not take the savings and buy yourself a new plane to boot?
Check out our complete line of Assan modules and receivers and make the switch today!
What is the link procedure used to bind a new receiver to the transmit module?
It's quick and easy to link each of your receivers to the transmit module.

With the power to the transmitter and receiver turned off, slide the bind plug included with the Assan transmitter module onto the receiver channels 1 and 3 signal pins. 

Place the transmitter and receiver within about 12" of each other.  Turn the power to the transmitter on and immediately rotate the sticks around in a circle before the long beep would normally occur.  The transmitter module will start emitting short beeps.  Power-on the receiver while the module is still making short beeps.  The LED light on the receiver will change to green when the receiver binds.

Power down the receiver and remove the binding plug.

Cycle the power on the transmitter.  After the transmitter module emits the long beep, power up the receiver.  The light on the receiver will be green, indicating that the receiver is bound to the module.

For quick reference download our Assan X8 Receiver Binding Guide (PDF, 150KB).
What support and warranty is provided?
TreneffRC will gladly assist you with any questions regarding the selection and use of the Assan system.

Assan provides a factory limited 12-month quality warranty for the X8 2.4GHz radio control system starting from the date of purchase. Assan will provide free of charge replacement for any products with a quality defection.
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TreneffRC's line of Assan X8 Components
If you are converting to the X8 system, select the one of the combo kits which includes a transmitter module.  These kits also include (2) full-range receivers (1-6ch, 1-7ch).  You can then add any additional X8 receivers.

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